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Image by Samantha Gades

The Wedding Gown

She hastened to the downtown

to buy her wedding gown. 


The sky

was burning red, the wolves howled,

The boughs have shed 

All their leaves, not a single sprout.


A sharp turn 

At roundabout, a huge crowd in the lounge.

Doubtless, there was 

Some turmoil, some serious brawl.


The crowd 

Screamed and a deafening sound.

Help! Help! and a rainbow

And a black ring in the raised right hand.


Out came 

The breath and the blue feather; the stream 

Of red squirted, the sea 

Stood amazed; violet tiara fell apart.

The gown

Metamorphosed into the shroud!

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Vineeta Gupta is an Associate Professor of English at Government P.G. College, Sector-1, Panchkula, Haryana. She is fond of reading, cooking and writing Poetry both in Hindi and English. 

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