Eloquent Emotions

Image by Simon Wilkes

Tree Query

A poetic paean to a tree that survives the vagaries of nature, offers shade to a weary traveller and sanctuary to birds and animals.

~David Chappell

Image by Danie Franco

Rush Hour

The poet is troubled by thoughts that grumble and shout suffocating sanity and yet it is thoughts of freedom that comfort and soothe.


Image by Blake Wheeler


The fear of failure preys upon human mind, making it a ‘wilderness of anxiety’ and yet risking the fall is the only way to succeed.

~Allison Grayhurst

Children Praying


A beautiful poem about wishes that are ‘dreams of hope’ and come paired with a ‘protective prayer’.

~Chris Rothwell

Image by Jr Korpa

An Anxious Song

Anxiety creates a black cavernous hole that seems to be devouring the poet, but her creative persona pulls her out of the chasm intact.

~Sonia Chauhan

Image by Kyle Frost

The Last Sunrise of my Life

A sunrise heralds the arrival of a new day with fresh possibilities and promises. The poet ponders about how she would spend the last sunrise of her life.

~ Mihika Jindal Gaharwar



A cynical poet dubs the modern republic as a myth of clowns and self-pitying upstarts.

~Richard Oyama

Image by Lesly Juarez

A Smiling Woman

A sweet paean to a wonder woman with the brain of a surgeon and the heart of a dancer.

~E. Martin Pedersen

Image by Hà Nguyễn


In the fisherman’s nets the poet discovers a world of life and death.

~Lynn White

Image by Debby Hudson

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages of old books become an album of memories of loss and pain for the poet.

~Abin Chakraborty

Image by Jannet Serhan

Plate Collector

Plate Collector is a vignette of an old British gentleman, who collects bone china, even as his old bones heave and dissolve with age.

~Donna Pucciani

Image by Eugene Ga

The Expeditioner

The poem offers a kaleidoscope of images that become a fitting paradigm for life.

~Lara Dolphin

Image by Robin Edqvist

Rear-View Mirror

The poet ruminates philosophically about how one needs a rear-view mirror to ‘hold on to people who leave.’

~Sayan Aich Bhowmik

Image by Luca Bravo

The River

A poem that drips nostalgia. The poet  reminisces about a place by the river and a life ‘lived together.’ 

~Tony Arnold