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Image by Rima Kruciene

Four Poems

hooded waves

reflect the failing day

a chronic echolalia

in the pendulum

of a faceless clock

words without wings

a war-torn playground

sand for things

slipping through the hourglass

childhood brings

Image by Immo Wegmann
Image by Kenny Eliason


on a ball

the thin child

holds his breath

and waves his arms like a bird

a marble god

rests his ruined stare

on the thin smile

of a new moon

slipping into her bath

Image by Haseesh Rahithya
Calligraphy pen

Robert Witmer has resided in Japan for the past 45 years. Now an emeritus professor, he has had the opportunity to teach courses in poetry and creative writing not only at his home university in Tokyo but also in India. His poems and prose poetry have appeared in many print and online journals and books. His first book of poetry, a collection of haiku titled Finding a Way, was published in 2016. A second book of poetry, titled Serendipity, was published earlier this year (2023). An author’s page for Robert Witmer can be found at both the Poets & Writers and AuthorsDen websites.

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