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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Image by Raimond Klavins

Imaginations's Light
By Concetta Pipia


In the realm that we dwell, where reality collides,

An alchemy unfolds where imagination abides,

A mingling of worlds, subtle and grand,

As we traverse the border, hand in hand.


See the shifting hues of an ever-changing sky,

Luminous tapestries woven with secrets held high,

Where nimble clouds dance, stories to tell,

Imagination's strokes, painting them so well.


On the city streets, where chaos resides,

Imagination whispers, true beauty it presides,

Through the prism of mind, reality transformed,

Meaning bursts forth, in ways unadorned.


In the woven fabric, where the mundane resides,

Imagination adorns it with shimmer and tides,

A symphony of colors, melodies of thought,

Bringing forth existence, where once shadows fought.


Behold the flowers, swaying in the breeze,

Imagination breathes life, bringing them to ease,

Their fragrance speaks tales, hidden within,

Reality enriched, a world that's not been seen.


Within the depths of the ocean's vast floor,

Imagination dances, conjuring lore,

Mermaids and sea nymphs frolic and sway,

Shaping a reality that defies yesterday.


Yet, on the precipice where dreams sprout,

Reality weaves tendrils, anchoring throughout,

Imagination may wander, boundless and free,

But meaning's found when tethered, where reality'll be.


For the world unrestrained may lose its form,

In a kaleidoscope chaos, where shadows swarm,

Imagination's power, a gift to create,

Yet in reality's embrace, true significance awaits.


Though imagination's brush can light up every scene,

Reality's touch bestows the vibrant and serene,

Together they mingle, in a cosmic duet,

A harmony of existence, like no other we've met.


For reality lays the ground, a foundation it births,

While imagination soars, traversing the earth,

Both interwoven, shaping existence's core,

Reality and imagination, forevermore.

Writing by the Water

Concetta Pipia is a writer and poet  Her poetry is published in international anthologies including "Soul Serenade," "Force Is With Us," and others. Her wrote appears in literary magazines including "The Raven's Perch," Pine Cone Review's SURVIVAL" and "GLISSADE." Ms. Pipia founded the writing group, Aspiring Writers' Society and its e-zine. She holds a BFA, JD, and MBA/HRM. She loves dogs. and is a wheelchair user for 45 years due to MVA in 1978.

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