Stories of Fantasy, Romance, History

Smiling for the Camera


This is the story of Sunny, Stormy and Rainbow, three young girls with grit and courage to survive the demons of the world.

~Roberta Kay

Image by Artem Maltsev

The Witch's Secret

A Wicked Witch dons her finery and special ‘lunar’ dancing shoes to attend the party in town. No one but the witch knows the secret of these shoes. 

~Debby Cedars

Image by note thanun

Wet Cement

What happens when the protagonist finds himself trapped in an elevator with a Buddhist monk. Will he achieve enlightenment?

~Pete Prokesch

Accessible Travel


A touching story of the trauma of a woman who loses her husband and is forced to send her only child abroad to keep him safe from harm.

~Ranjit Powar