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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Blowing Kisses
By Jan Stretch

I hear

the soft wind


her loving thoughts

to me

I sometimes hear

her howl

in pain and misery


I’ve seen her

when she’s angry


things about

when she’s lost

her temper

she tends to

scream and shout


She works up

quite a steam

on her journey


and becomes

a whirling dervish

that blows away

the bees


She’s the force

behind the water

the flame

that burns the trees

if we don’t

soon pay attention

she’ll bring us

to our knees


Yet wind still

brings me comfort

blowing kisses

are the best

I know she can

destroy me

but I love her


Image by Сергей Дрозд

A Walk in the Park
By Jan Stretch


grey haze

settles and softens

the still pond

where ducks meander



from a distance

children’s laughter

muted by the fog


a chorus of frogs


I watch a boy


step closer

to the grazing bunnies

... dine-and-dash

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Jan Stretch is a retired psychiatric nurse-therapist from Victoria BC Canada. She enjoys her large extended family, especially her two grandchildren and returned to thoughts of poetry on her daily walks during Covid. Jan was first published in the Dear Vaccine Anthology in 2022 and has since been published in numerous international journals, podcasts and anthologies. She especially loves writing Japanese short form and Cherita although is occasionally inspired to write longer poems. She is currently an administrator on Haiku Moments Facebook group. Insights gained from her years as a therapist and her nature walks continue to inform her poetry.

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