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Storm Clouds

Evening Rain
By SherinMary Zacharia


Wings flutter fast, homeward

Drizzle brews more into a storm.

Vermillion sky turns darker

In sorrow of the fading sunshine

Fledgelings huddle over drenched twigs

Worries seek shelter beneath tired wings.

Frets from the pavements chase the clouds

Damp homes await hard-earned  morsels.

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Sherin Mary Zacharia, a young poet of 21, expresses herself through her verses. She loves to write about nature most but some of her poems are on topics like mental illness and disability. She is a regular blogger ( and often contributes to English anthologies. She has received several awards and recognitions latest being the selection of her poem by the United Nations as part of observing World Autism Awareness Day 2023. A self-learner she likes to read, watch visual lessons and travel. Being a non speaking autistic she lets her poetry be her voice. Moonlight is her collection of poems and short prose(2017). She is a co-author of Talking Fingers(2022) and Discourses on Disability (2021). Sherin is from Kochi , Kerala, India where she lives with her parents, younger sister and pet cat.

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