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Image by anoj anto

Don't Avert thy Gaze
By Shafkat Aziz

Don’t avert thy gaze, behold these cemeteries !

The voices for peace and averse to slavery

Are interred here.

The eyes anti to tyranny and the altruistic hearts

For the persecuted are interred here .

Don’t avert thy gaze, behold these cemeteries!

The buttresses for the decrepit and the comforts for the pained ,

The joys for the dejected and the glims for darkness are interred here.

Don’t avert thy gaze, behold these cemeteries!

The gallant patriots of my nation- moral for the coward Slaves

The upshots of the tyrannous reign and even of the traitors are interred here.

Image by Trent Erwin

Shafkat Aziz Hajam is a poet, reviewer and co-author. He is the author of two children poetry collections titled as The cuckoo’s voice and the canary’s voice and one adults poetry book titled as The Unknown Wounded Heart. His poems have appeared in international magazines and anthologies like Wheel song anthology UK, Prodigy, digital literary magazine USA, Inner Child Press International anthology USA, AZAHAR anthology Spain, SAARC anthology, Litlight literary magazine Pakistan etc. He has also written more than hundred funny limericks for children. Currently, he is working as a private school English language teacher. 

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