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Image by Richard Lee

Luna Claire
By Sandor DeGrazia


She fled so fast

Into the night

Her feet like wings

In search of flight


An ardent call

A fierce behest

Beat hard and fast

Beneath her chest


With breathless strides

She breached the wood

The only place

She understood


Left abandoned

As a child

Her heart was sad

Her nature, wild


Discarded one

October eve

Under full moon

Stashed in a tree


Wrapped in leaves

Upon a bough

Silent, still

Alive somehow


Taken in

By childless pair

Given the name

Of Luna Claire


After the moon

On found night’s rise

Her name reflected

In her eyes


A strange young girl

In search of stealth

She rarely spoke

Kept to herself


When others asked

“What do you think?”

Miss Luna Claire

Would simply blink



Labeled as a freak

She failed to find

A friend to keep


The sky, the air

The woods at night

Deep cravings

Luna could not fight


So out of place

She did her best

But cruel’s the world

That doth protest


Ceaseless sorrow

Strident pain


Her dark refrain


The world of man

Had not been kind

To Luna Claire

So out of rhyme


Her looks were odd

Posture refined

Her nose pronounced

And aquiline


Flat face, set wide

Hair speckled brown

Ne’er did she wear

A smile or frown


Still as stone

Stoic and wise


But for those eyes


Like pools of gold

Spun from the sun

Cast to the moon

Night magic’s drum


Just seventeen

And demonized

A victim of

Eristic eyes


And so, she ran

To break the chain

The human curse

Her great distain


Deep in the wood

She climbed a tree

To summon what

She could not see


Upon the wind

She set a wish

And soon the sky

Began to switch


Then parting clouds

Unveiled the blaze

Of Hunter’s Moon

Through mystic haze


The cosmic sphere

Alive with power

Bathed Luna in

A scarlet shower



By selcouth scene

Captured quick

In moonbeam’s gleam


Then swirled the wind

As spell was spun

Under the dark night’s

Crimson sun


Gold eyes affixed

On blood-red moon

Night magic swirled

Sky sang a rune


Luna’s soul

Escaped her skin

Raced through the night

And back again


And once returned

By swift cantrip

The deed was done

A full eclipse


Upon the ground

Beneath the tree

Lie Luna’s cold

Lifeless body


And clutched above

On bare bark bough

With huge gold eyes

Was perched an owl



With wings spread wide

Into the night

The owl cried


A haunting song

Of life, reformed

A long-lost soul

Renewed, reborn


And left exposed

At trunk of tree

A ghastly sight

For all to see


Miss Luna Claire

Without her eyes

Her smiling face

To terrorize


Two deep dark wells

Where once was gold

Snatched in the night

So, story goes


A legend formed

Of wicked beast

Wandering the wood

In search of feast


Under the dark

October skies

Beware the beast

Or lose your eyes


But legend’s tale

Is false, you see

The truth

Dispels the mystery


A misplaced soul

By ancient hex

Made bird a girl

Strigiform and vexed


But enigmatic

Magic be

That rules the earth

And sky and sea


Seventeen years

Had come and gone

Till time drew nigh

To right the wrong


Miss Luna Claire

Beseeched the moon

And syzygy

Bequeathed her boon


‘twas full and new

And blood and blue

And that night’s moon

Was super too


A repeat of

That fated night

When spell-snatched soul

Clipped Luna’s flight


An evil witch

With grudge held tight

Switched bird to girl

In dark of night


Now, spell reversed

And soul set right

The owl took wing

And then, alight


On crooked branch

Of twisted tree

O’er witch’s house

Whom banished she


To human form

That now lie dead

Soul, still alive

In night bird’s head


And when the witch

Emerged from dwell

Miss Luna Claire

Unleased her hell


Seventeen years

Of torture spent

Turned to revenge

By revenant


With fury fierce

And hooked beak barbed

Miss Luna Claire

Went fast and hard


An ambushed launched

And vengeance swift

Upon the head

Of witch that switched


Thrashing arms

And curses flared

A shrill sharp shriek

Then split the air


But no defense

Would efforts spare

The target set

By Luna Claire


The past spell cast

Was equalized

By bird’s first feast

On witch’s eyes


With hollow sockets

And haunted mind

The witch was left

Beak-birched and blind


And in the sky’s

Nocturnal bloom

The owl, illumed

By clair de lune


Her song rang out

From wood to henge

Miss Luna Claire

Had been avenged

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska, the product of a college professor and music school teacher, Sandor DeGrazia received a loving, liberal and creative start. Art, music and dance were abundant but it was a career in gymnastics that payed his way through college. After graduating from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree he had no idea what he wanted to do next. So, he went into show business. Spanning a decade from Los Angeles to New York City, his theater credits began with Michael Jackson and ended with the Chippendales, performing in several shows in between, most notably Miss Saigon. For the last 25 years, from bartending to Broadway, he’s thrived on the thrill of New York. His current profession is massage therapy. His passion is creative writing. The islands of Manhattan and Fire Island serve to inspire fascination with the great questions of life. Pondering much, Sandor has come to believe it is within life’s mysteries where magic dwells.

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