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Image by Jesse Bowser

Chasing the Light
By Allison Douglas-Tourner


In dreams he stands on the

other side of a banquet room

too far away to hear or notice me

the guests all dressed in darkness

light seeping from collars and cuffs


On rare occasions he hitches

a ride with people on the street

I saw him yesterday

walking down Douglas Street

his long stride and big hands


He was wearing the cardigan

that Mom knitted for his birthday

chocolate brown with gold snowflakes

his dark hair smoothed back

like a robin’s crown


A Christmas brightness

kindled my heart and

I ran calling Dad! Dad!

But striding fast –

he didn't seem to hear


He stopped at the corner

waiting for the turn of the light and

I came so close

But by the time I touched his arm

he had already crossed over and

a stranger stood in his shoes

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Allison Douglas-Tourner dreamed of being a poet at the age of three but only started writing seriously about ten years ago.

Her poetry has been published in The Wise Owl, The Antigonish Review, Island Writers' Magazine, Tiferet Journal Anthology, and Pensive Journal, as well as numerous international haiku journals. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada where she draws inspiration from the magic of everyday moments.

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