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Image by chrissie kremer

At the Thrift Store
By Jennifer Gurney
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at the thrift store


I didn’t stop to think


about how before

this trip I’d had exactly the right

number of hangars


and how now

I’ll have to make choices–

fold or hang


each and every time

I put away

clean clothes


and I didn’t think

how these turquoise bowls

would overfill my bowl shelf


and now I have

bowls on my

small plate shelf


not to mention

I’m a lazy thrifter

who saves trying on for home


oh well, my friend, Sandy

will be getting some

too-small-for-me treasures


I certainly didn’t think

that a couple of new books

would be an issue


but now I have to rearrange

my entire bedside table

reading stack


who knew

thrifting could cause

such utter chaos

Image by Aaron Burden

Not Every Poem
By Jennifer Gurney


not every poem

deserves to be written down

instead of just thought


like the one I wrote

about vacuuming stairs

while … vacuuming stairs


or one about how

my next house will have no stairs

and only one toilet


but other poems

truly deserve paper space–

if only in my notebook

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