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Painting: Blooms with Vera Kober

Vera Kober 1.jpeg


Vera Kober 2.jpeg
Vera Kober 3.jpeg
Vera kober4.jpeg
Vera kober 5.jpeg
Vera Korbe.jpeg

About The Artist

Vera Kober

Vera KoberProfile.jpeg

Vera Kober born in 1986 is a passionate belgian artist whose paintings bloom with life and radiate enchanting energy. With each stroke she breathes soul into her canvases. Her artistic expression with kaleidoscope of colours tvives on vibrant hues and bold expressive technique. Unique style of dancing brush and pigments symphony unveiling the hidden emotions and harmonious blend of imagination and reality intertwined and capturing the essence of blooms in a captivating bold and evocative manner. Her artworks has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide, and her mastery of color and form has earned her critical acclaim.

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