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Image by Kathryn Aleksa

One Special Day
By Duane L Herrmann
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Orange peelings drip


bit by bit

as the boy

walks along

in bliss


to life hurrying

around him.

His own world

is perfect

at this one moment

when all is well

and his puppy

just came home

and now

he has someone

to play.

Image by Thought Catalog

A reluctant carbon-based life-form, Herrmann was surprised to find himself on a farm in Kansas. He’s still trying to make sense of that, but has grown fond of grass waving under wind, trees and the enchantment of moonlight. His work has been published in print and online, even some of both in languages he can’t read. These include a sci fi novel, eight collections of poetry, a local history, some stories for children and a few other things. He is known to carry baby kittens in his mouth, pet snakes, and has conversations with owls, but is careful not to anger them! All this, despite a traumatic, abusive childhood embellished with dyslexia, ADHD (both unknown then), cyclothymia, an anxiety disorder, situational mutism and, now, PTSD.

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