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Image by Naveen Raj Dhanapal

Of Mandalas & Temples
By Sangita Kalarickal
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I circumambulate around 

the sanctum sanctorum 

Parikrama one

          I submit my inhibitions

Parikrama two

          I submit mv worries

Parikrama three

          I submit my ego 

Parikrama four

          I submit my sorrow 

Parikrama five

           I submit my belongings 

Parikrama six

            I submit my happiness 

Parikrama seven

            I submit myself

Into each whorl of a marigold 

            I submit a prayer.

Image by Saad Chaudhry

Much ado about...
By Sangita Kalarickal

Beyond the delicate tulips
In the fragrant garden 

I stand resilient. a dandelion
In the sidewalk crack
unloved perhaps, a weed 

Yet in my space. I

Image by Lucie Hošová

By Sangita Kalarickal

Each day brings new weeds 

with a stubborn will
to survive
Each day I yank them out 

and send them on
their journey.
their new purpose 

to become compost 

like most of us
Each day I weed a bit 

Each day I create...
create new little endings 

to feed new fruit

Image by Thought Catalog

Sangita Kalarickal is a wordsmith crafting poetry and fiction. Her work has been published in several e-magazines, journals, and anthologies. A physicist by education, Dr. Kalarickal utilizes her left brain at her day job in the field of technology. She writes because she must. Her latest book is Mamina, a collection of poems about motherhood.

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