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Image by Leon Ephraïm

Diving in the River of Love
By Petrouchka Alexieva

I dive in the risky river of love,

I dive deeper and deeper,

swirling in the dam of feelings;

twisting among

bottom stones of my sins;  

jumping from cliffs

of emotional waterfalls.


My heart slows down

in my lonely winter night.

I survive the rough icy waters,

and the risky thin crust

of all frozen lakes. Step by step.

I know, whatever it takes,

I always survive

in the wild River of Love.

Image by Thought Catalog

Petrouchka Alexieva is a very versatile poet. She is a well-known as a distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is a “All American Scholar Award“- recipient (2008). She speaks 8+ languages. She is published in prestigious magazines in USA, United Kingtom, Bulgaria,Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria and more. For her outstanding life-long honorary achievements, her name was included 3 times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule, Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list and “Message on the Bottle” NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft.

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