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Textured Wall

Difficult to Forge

The tiny wreckage lights up the moonbeam

Taking another's toys in a myriad of disaster

Addicted to boredom, covered over in spite

Celebritized locals feeling like twenty

Acting the bollocks before crossing the threshold.

Cut in the block, to assuage the local soundtrack

Enough material to infinity cut to the moon

Once sweet, being dead, preferring the others

Death over red sentiments, a nasty hubris

Universe passing by at a cost to savour.

A left-handed lecture, at pains to discern

Between criminal literature running past gods,

Cushioned through expense, rotting on the briar

Advised against splurging of a heartier kind

Love going amiss, running joke out of time.

Illicit kiss in the doorway, love writing itself

Giant leaps forward listening past the front door

Relateable suffering rolling for the last of this life

Addicted to the burn of second-hand coffee

Roving eyes at a stretch, God alone discerns.

Under a blood-white sky, relating to hard drinks, 

Trimming beards in advance of secular preferment

Free in forward this message and any attachments ensue

The illicit soft parade rolling in the perfected

The worst over with, garnering a pat on the back.

Image by Aaron Burden

Patricia Walsh was born and raised in the parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork, Ireland.  To date, she has published one novel, titled The Quest for Lost Eire, in 2014, and has published one collection of poetry, titled Continuity Errors, with Lapwing Publications in 2010. She has since been published in a variety of print and online journals across Ireland, The UK, USA, and Canada.  She has also published another novel, In The Days of Ford Cortina, in August 2021.

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