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Non Fiction

A Travelogue Special
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Madhuri Chatterji
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Paradise found on a Vanishing land
Pooja Amritkar
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Bhutan Diaries
Narayani Mandapadam

A Special: Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

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The Literary savoir faire at Jaipur Literature Festival 

Songs & Solitude

Bhaswati Ghosh


Mind Games

Santosh Bakaya


A Literary Repast: JLF 

Rachna Singh


Little Moments & Big Lessons       By Chetna Sharma


The Art of Braiding Prose & Haiku

By Pravat Kumar Padhy


Of Smiles & Frowns

By Pooja Singal


How Writing Saved my Life

By Dian Raab


Believers & Non-Believers

By Dhiraj Sharma


Playing Geography with Marriage

By Rachna Singh


The Brick & the Rose

By Jeffrey Feingold

Hide & seek

By Rupa Anand

The Wise Owl Library of Creative Non Fiction

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You’re a Bad Man

By James Roth



By Pooja Singal


Little Men

By Jeffrey Feingold


Mickey Rat

By James Roth


Pay Toilet@Rs580

By Pooja Singal


A date with a Kashmiri Shawl Seller

By Swaraj Raj


Musings on Creative Angst

By Amita Paul


The Beautiful Indian

By Chitra Singh


Brittle Muse

By Toti O’ Brien


Senryu: The Literary Genre 

By Dr Pravat Kumar Padhy

The Forever Women

By Balpreet Kaur


Outside Hoi an

By James Roth


Care Less

By Rebecca Miller


Here’s Hope: Cinema of Change

By Balpreet Kaur


The Water Witch

By Jeffrey Feingold


On Optimism & art

By Svetlin Trendafilov


Then Versus Now

By Chitra Goyal


The Proof is in the Pudding

By Alaknanda Mookerjee


La Dolce Vita

By Chitra Singh


Why Read Iliad?

By Carlo Rey Lacsamana

New Used Vehicle

By Niles Reddick


The Circus: A relic of the Past

By Meenakshi Sahasrabudhe


Wings of Light

By Chitra Singh


Writing with fire

By Rachna Singh



By Mischa Pearson


A bestseller is Born

By Rachna Singh


Internet Bride

By Irma Maini



By Chitra Singh


Miss Alice

By Rachna Singh


The Games People Play

By The Wise Owl Team

My Childhood Coterie

By Rachna Singh

Flamenco Dancing

By Chitra Singh


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La Carretera Austral

By Abbie Stirling


Bowled By Budapest

By Gita Viswanath


Where Every bylane has a story to tell

By Aayushi Sharma


A Drive Through Paradise

By Rachna Singh

Ranthambore Rhapsody

By Chitra Singh


Tryst with the Wild

By Rachna Singh


Silver Ramparts

By Chitra Singh


Torres del Paine

By Abbie Stirling

Patagonia Winds

By Abbie Stirling


The Desert Beauty

By Revathi Reddy


Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster

By Rachna Singh

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