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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Yellow Flowers

A Journey to Behold
By Dan Hardison


The time had come
to embark on a journey,
to leave family and friends,
to depart the only home
           you have known.

As you stand in the doorway
the rooms behind you
filled with memories
pull at your heart and mind 
           to remain.

There is comfort here,
the beyond unknown,
there will be no going back
once that step is taken,
           the door closed.

Voices inside you call out
with doubt and with sadness,
yet there is a new voice
a singular voice, your own,
           you know you must go.

The door closes
and a darkness falls over you
covers you in confusion,
but as you turn there is a light
           that brightens the soul.
All that has gone before
and all that you have learned
will be with you, to guide you,
as you begin this journey –
           a new life, your own.

Image by Thought Catalog

Dan Hardison is a native of Tennessee, and now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina where he is a writer and artist. His artwork is inspired by Japanese woodblocks and ink painting (sumi-e). As an artist and writer, he is drawn to the Japanese haiga – a combination of image and poem. This has led to recent work creating handmade artist books. Dan's writing is primarily in the Japanese short form of haiku and haibun, and has appeared at Frogpond, Cattails, Contemporary Haibun Online, Drifting Sands, and other print and online journals. His work can be found on his website "Windscape Studio" and his blog "Some Tomorrow’s Morning".

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