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Image by Claudio Testa

Sudden Encounter up in the Hills
By Emiraldo Prifti


The birds lined up on the branches,

like the notes of a spring score,

the buds bursting, welcoming new sun,

and the breeze was kissing the trees,

purposely releasing melody.

A playful dog wagging the tail,

butterflies and chirping birds,

a small grove with cold water,

how much simpler could this life be?


I ran on narrow dusty trails,

surrounded by evergreen bushes.

Along the trail, my rushing steps

intersected with a snake which I passed,

with a long jump like a talented athlete.

I wasn’t sure who was more scared.

Obviously, I was the tenant without an invitation.

Everyone that I told this incident to,

they all judged and accused

the snake of being dangerous.

(I don’t know why I didn’t oppose them.)


There is a gate up there in the hills,

there is a gate where I escape,

where for a few, life is devoid of troubles,

world is stripped of chaos,

and when the scent of fresh greenery,

after each breath, fills my lungs,

I listen to the lecture of nature,

as the hill hides the withering world.

Image by Nick Morrison

Emiraldo Prifti lives in Albania. He started to write poetry in 2020.

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