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Image by Ed Leszczynskl

Your Name
By Emiraldo Prifti


The time will come

when someone on the sidewalk

will call a child or a friend

or a lover by your name.

I will suddenly turn my head

and a tear will trickle.


When a big billboard

with blinding lights

displays your name,

I will contemplate it, frozen.

And if it rains, I will cry

along with the rain.


The time will come

when as a wandering pilgrim,

I will want to go back to that land

where blood never became water,

life blossomed every morning

and I couldn't see what I see now.


In the paradox of life, I’m just

another void filled with emotions.

I only hope to be old and grey,

because I know that one day

my eyes will fill with tears

when a stranger says your name.

Image by Ilya Pavlov

Emiraldo Prifti lives in Albania. He started to write poetry in 2020.

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