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Image by Mohdammed Ali

Going Nowhere
By Lynn White


In the beginning,

right from the beginning,

I was running round in circles,

or that’s how it felt,

going nowhere

just round and round

in colour splattered circles

a palette I picked up from living

on the edge.


And right from the beginning

I have had to live on the edge.

In the middle there are huge holes

hovering, waiting, ready to suck me in.

I must take care not to deviate,

not to fall through the circle

into that great hole

where the running will stop

and everything will end

when I wake.

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Lynn White lives in north Wales. Her work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people she has known or imagined.  . She was shortlisted in the Theatre Cloud 'War Poetry for Today' competition and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and a Rhysling Award. You can find Lynn on and

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