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Image by James Bowen

The Wise Owl

Egret Edition

May 2024

Artwork: Harmeet Singh  & Rachna Singh

Editor Speak

May 2024

Egrets are a common sight in Northern India. They can be found enjoying a hearty meal in the wake of a tractor tilling the fields.  Egrets happen to be symbols of good fortune, purity, and grace. In many places, these big white birds also symbolise new beginnings and prosperity. In addition, these inspirational and eye-catching birds represent peace, balance, and the divine bright, sunny spring morning, So, here we are with our Egret Edition.


The May edition has on offer interviews with creative wizards- Shinie Antony, an award-winning writer, columnist and director of Bengaluru Poetry festival whose recent book Eden Abandoned: The Story of Lilith has been making people sit up and take notice. We also feature an interview with Mike Callahan, an award-winning Nevada-based artist who creates an entire spectrum of colours through a palette of three colours plus white. Poetry, stories, reviews, visual art, & podcasts suffuse this edition with creative energy and vigour. Our Montage film, 'Khajuraho: Romancing the Stone' walks the viewer through the superb architecture of 25 temples of Khajuraho. 

So dear readers & viewers, find yourself a quiet corner and enjoy the literary & artistic fare The Wise Owl Team has curated for you. 


Shinie Antony Profile.jpg

                 Shinie Antony                    
An Award winning Writer, Editor & Columnist

  The  INTERVIEW: Mike Callahan       


      Recent work

Mike Callahan Pofile.jpg

                              Mike Callahan
            An Award winning Nevada-based Artist


      Recent work

More than 100 conversations With creative wizards

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To enjoy conversations with creative luminaries like Roger Frappier, Raghu Rai, Audrey Magee, JR Thorp, ai Li  click the button below

Image by Kyaw Tun


Image by Joshua J. Cotten


Image by troy williams


Image by David Clode

Visual Arts


The Village maestro.png

Varghese Mathai

Varghese Mathai talks about his book The Village Maestro

Image by Iliya Jokic


Pauline Peters.png

Making Wide the Circle & Me, Rising(poems)
Pauline Peters

Image by Timothy Kolczak

Belinda Behne

Image by Naveen Raj Dhanapal

Of Mandalas & temples, Much Ado About & Nothing Sangita Kalarickal

Image by Debby Hudson

George (poem)
Pris Campbell

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Spooky Meal (Story)
Robert Keal

Image by Rayia Soderberg

One Special Day (Poem)
Duane L Herrmann

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

Eyes Like Glass (Story)
Alicia Alves

The Wise Owl MONTAGE
Khajuraho: Romancing the Stone

A video that walks the viewer through the superb architecture and sculptures adorning the walls of the 25 temples in Khajuraho. The video has been created by Harmeet Singh for The Wise Owl.

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