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Image by Erik Karits

The Wise Owl

Sunbird Edition

June 2024

Artwork: Harmeet Singh  & Rachna Singh

Editor Speak

June 2024

The tecoma orange Jubilee creeper in our backyard is in full bloom. The masses of flaming, orange flowers twining around our trellis in gay abandon attract a lot of avian friends, especially the delicate looking Indian purple sunbird. Despite the scorching heat of the June sun, these little birds, with their iridescent plumage, partake of nectar from the tecoma blossoms, hovering like hummingbirds as they drink their fill.  Sunbirds are also symbolic of resurrection and new beginnings.  So, here we are with our Sunbird Edition.


The June edition is a Rengay Special, so our interview segment has interviews with Garry Gay, the creator of Rengay and John Thompson, a renowned rengay poet. Our poetry segment has collaborative rengays written and recited by rengay specialists from across the globe. Continuing the rengay special thread we also have an interview with Geethanjali Rajan about her book 'Unexpected Gift' written in collaboration with Sonam Chhoki. We of course have our regular segments of fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, visual arts & podcasts. We also feature a very interesting podcast of The Wise Owl Literary Soiree with Sudeep Sen, an award-winning poet, writer & translator. This includes poetry renditions by Sen and a free-wheeling conversation about his creativity, creative triggers and poetic craft. 

A big thanks to Neena Singh, Guest Editor, The Wise Owl who has worked hard to put together this Rengay special.

So dear readers & viewers, find yourself a quiet corner and enjoy the literary & artistic fare The Wise Owl Team has curated for you. 

An Interview with the creator of rengay

Garry gay.jpeg

                 Garry Gay                   
Creator of the poetic form, Rengay

An Interview with  A Renowned rengay Poet 

                 John Thompson                    
A renowned Rengay poet

John Thompson photo.jpeg

More than 100 conversations With creative wizards

The Wise Owl Gallery of renowned Authors (4).png
gallery of Artists.png

To enjoy conversations with creative luminaries like Roger Frappier, Raghu Rai, Audrey Magee, JR Thorp, ai Li  click the button below

black sunbird2.jpg


purple sunbird3.jpg




garden sunbird.jpg

Visual Arts


cover_Unexpected Gift.jpg

Geethanjali Rajan

Geethanjali Rajan talks about her book Unexpected Gift written in collaboration with Sonam Chhoki from Bhutan

The Wise Owl Events 
The Wise Owl Literary Soiree
The Wise owl Literary Soiree.png

The Wise Owl Literary Soiree with Sudeep Sen was a beautiful, poetic evening where Sudeep rendered his thought-provoking poetry. The poetry reading was followed by an interesting & engaging conversation. The audience enthusiastically participated in the Q & A session that came after. The evening also saw  the release of the paperback edition of Sudeep Sen's book Anthropocene: Climate Change, Contagion & Consolation. 

Image by Iliya Jokic


a beautiful abstract in peach, blue & white.jpg

Jasmine Entanglements (Rengay)
Garry Gay & John Thompson

abstract painting in grey, white and blue.jpg

Letting Go (Rengay)
Alan S. Bridges & Jacquie Pearce

abstract painting in gold and silver.jpg

Drops of Light (Rengay)
Lakshmi Iyer & Sushama Kapur

abstract painting in predominantly black colour with a dash of silver  .jpg

Where only the Moon visits (Rengay)
Shobhana Kumar, Geethanjali Rajan & Sonam Chhoki

a beautiful abstract in red and green.jpg

The Wind Chime's Song (Rengay)
Geethanjali Rajan & Vidya S. Venkatramani

Image by Rayia Soderberg

One Special Day (Poem)
Duane L Herrmann

The Wise Owl Literary Soiree
Literary soiree.png

The Wise Owl Literary Soiree with Sudeep Sen features poetry renditions by the poet and a freewheeling conversation about creativity, creative triggers and the poetic craft.

Our Daily Segment

The Daily Verse

Our Weekly Segment



To enjoy poetry everyday  and stories once a week, take a look at The Daily Verse and The Weekly Yarns. If you have a yen to share your poetry and stories with our readers, just send in your submissions to

The Wise Owl Publications

 (January 2023)

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              (January 2023)

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(March 2023)

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(August 2023)

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(February 2024)


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