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Image by Sebastian Tovar

The Wise Owl

Canary Edition

July 2024

Artwork: Harmeet Singh  & Rachna Singh

Editor Speak

July 2024

In ancient Greek mythology, the song of the canary was said to be a gift from the gods, capable of bringing joy and healing to those who listened. Literature and art also have the power to bring joy and happiness. So, we decided to dedicate the July issue to the canary bird and baptised it as the Canary edition. This edition features interviews with Katia Ariel, who has been shortlisted for the Stella prize 2024 for her book The Swift Dark Tide and Kaoru Yamada, an illustrator & AI artist. We also have a wonderful mix of poetry, stories, reviews, visual arts, & podcasts  by poets and writers from across the globe. This eclectic mix makes the edition engaging and fun to read. 

Dear readers, do find yourself a quiet corner and take a deep dive into the July issue, curated with dedication and passion by The Wise Owl Team.

Submissions for The Wise Owl Literary Awards are Now Open.

Submissions Open for The Wise Owl Literary Awards

TWO Lit Awards.png

An Interview with AWARD-WINNING Poet & Memoirist 

Katia ariel.jpg

               Katia Ariel                                       Award winning writer
Shortlisted for Stella prize 2024


The  INTERVIEW: Kaoru Yamada
       An Illustrator & AI artist

A Vase of Defiance.jpg

A vase of Defiance

A Quiet Life-min.png

                Kaoru Yamada
           An Illustrator & AI Artist

Twilight Bookstore-min.png

Twilight Bookstore

More than 100 conversations With creative wizards

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5.35.30 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5.35.42 PM.png

To enjoy conversations with creative luminaries like Roger Frappier, Raghu Rai, Audrey Magee, JR Thorp, ai Li  click the button below

Image by Bruce Jastrow


Image by Leonardo Gomes


Image by Włodzimierz Jaworski


Image by Patrice Bouchard

Visual Arts


Anemone morning.png

With gopal Lahiri

Gopal Lahiri talks about his book Anemone Morning & other poems


pinwheels in abandoned fences.jpg

Restless Whirlgigs & Bottom Feeders (poems)
Sterling Warner

Image by Erol Ahmed

Blowing Kisses & A Walk in the Park (poem)
Jan Stretch

Image by Kyle Mackie

Birds (Story)
JB Polk

Image by David Brooke Martin

The Sun Eater (Story)
Daniel Burnbridge

Our Daily Segment

The Daily Verse

Our Weekly Segment



To make The Wise Owl more dynamic, we introduced The Daily Verse & The Weekly Yarns, segments where we upload poetry all  days of the week & stories/flash fiction/anecdotes & musings on a weekly basis. We are delighted by the enthusiastic response these segments have garnered. If you would like to be a part of  The Wise Owl community, send in your submissions to

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