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O Laburnum!

Why do you have to burn up so?

The world is blazing already!

It is the peak of summer…

Your petals are angry little infernos 

Vying with the mighty sun itself

For heat and glory 


The sheet of sunshine 

Envelopes and imprisons you

But you are too persistent 

Your petals tumble down…

from your parent trees

Like prodigal children 

Trying to outshine their ancestors 


The daylight hides innumerable lies

And you keep revealing harsh truths 

To all those who pass by;

Blinding them to everything 

Except life 


The evening comes…

Men have given up their chores 

But your flowers keep shining tirelessly

You have exhausted the day 

And sent him into the depths of the evening 


Then the night folds the sky 

like a saree about her 

To protect herself from your incessant rain

Yet your molten gold pierces 

And smites her darkness 

Like a mad moon

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