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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

The Married Whore

she felt like a whore

sleeping in her marital bed

consenting to the final act of love,

not out of love or mutual desire,

but due to sheer lack of courage

courage to refuse

courage to say no

courage to walk out of the marriage

who will care for the kids, she reasons

who will foot the bills, she shudders

how will she continue the life of luxury,

even if it begets her misery.

we cannot endure physical

discomfort, even if it brings pressures mental

she forgets, she was once her own person

who felt complete after a hard day’s work

who bought gifts

even though none were seeked

who lived as if there was no tomorrow

who loved as if doomsday just announced itself

where is that love

the carefree life

the passionate souls who lived

within each other. not just metaphorically

now she fears being spurned

and keeps her desires in wraps

she fears being controlled

and submits meekly, not fighting instead

spiralling deep into an abyss

where she wants to stay forever

forgetting about her two gems

oblivious of their fate if she


for it’s only she in those depths of hell

no one dare enter

for the doors are

forced shut

no ray of light

no twinkling star

time passes, or does it?

has it come to a standstill?

a figure so dark that


emerges from the depths

soulless eyes, ashen face wrinkled beyond years

dragging the feet toward the favourite window sill

where the body can rest

even if the mind has none, and probably

doesn’t want any

looking out the window

at the world whirring past glazed eyes

honks and sirens bouncing off the ears

the day sinking into night

giving way to a beautiful morning

where birds are chirping

flowers blooming

leaves swaying

dew drops shimmering

and everything basking

in sun’s first rays of love and life

nothing ends today

nothing is doomed to end today

for tomorrow is another day

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Shweta writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She has already published two non-fiction, one novel  and a flash fiction collection. For her day job Shweta writes tech articles for online publications such as Forbes, NewsWeek and Huffington Post. Besides being a writer she is an avid reader and loves thrillers as well as slice of life novels. 

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