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Image by Chandler Cruttenden

On the battlefield!
By Shakhawat Tipu


What a foggy day it was!

Sky was covered in smoke

above the head.

War-crafts went in the wrong direction!

Howling, screaming, and moaning

was mixed with the stream of the sea!

We heard it go away—

A poet's words, free speech.

Was she marching alone, —God Knows!

Procession heard from far away—

But who was listening, terrible cry of life!

She wrote a wounded heart—

How the injured blood dries up!

How the innocent child become orphaned!

How life disappears under the pile of rubble!

How countless people become landless

and the memories of those who live

white like grass buried in the stone!


Before the bomb hit, she was thinking—

Birds have no borders

They have no fighter-jets

They have only free wings

They have a free blue sky

Like the poet's free speech.

Foolish bombs don’t know how beautiful life is!

Killer bullets don’t know the human soul is sacred!

[Poet's Note: Tribute to the memory of Hiba Kamal]

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Shakhawat Tipu is a poet, essayist and editor from Bangladesh. He has published eight titles of poems and a book on a famous Bengali sculptor Novera Ahmed and her art works. he published two Bengali poetry books are ‘Snayujuddha’ [Cold War, 2022] and ‘Razar Kangkal’ [The skeleton of prince, 2020]. His poems have appeared in Voice & Verse, Rigorous, The scribe, Rialta, The Haiku foundation, culture book and among others. Tipu's poems have recently been included in Poets and Places [Austin Macauley publishers, UK], and Rebel Poetry anthology [Back Room Poetry Press, UK]. His poem has among the top finalists in the Wingless Dreamer Publisher contests about soulful verses. He is a founder editor at a Bengali literary magazine

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