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Image by Jr Korpa


Debashri is the mother
And she is her own baby
It’s a full moon night
With stars twinkling all over the sky
This night seems brighter than some days
It’s because Debashri is cracking open
Out of her own shell
The day is hatching
From its own night
Debashri is not scared of the day
She was never scared of the night
She will seize the day
With open arms
She will hug the sky
And tuck it away to
Where it belongs
Wait, sky cannot really be tucked away
It belongs everywhere
So, can Debashri crack open from her shell?
When she belongs everywhere
When she lives in each blade of grass
As much as she lives in the
Light of the sun
Will Debashri give birth to her own self, then?
The night is brightening
The day is slitting open from the side
Who knows if Debashri will be re-born in:
A fresh new perspective?

Notebook and Pen
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