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Seasonal Snippets by Debbie Strange

Every season , be it spring, summer , winter or autumn , has its own beauty and charm.  Debbie Strange puts together seasonal snippets that showcases the beauty of each season. 

 Artist Statement: The Seasonal Snippets series features digital collage work with various embellishments.

spring collage by Debbie Strange.JPEG

Spring Collage by Debbie Strange

summer collage by Debbie Strange.JPEG


Summer Collage by Debbie Strange

autumn collage by Debbie Strange.JPEG

Autumn Collage by Debbie Strange

winter collage by Debbie Strange.JPEG

Winter Collage by Debbie Strange

Debbie Strange Bio Photo.JPEG

Debbie Strange (Canada) is a chronically ill short-form poet, visual artist, and photographer whose creative passions connect her more closely to the world, to others, and to herself. Thousands of Debbie's poems and artworks have been published worldwide. Her most recent book, The Language of Loss: Haiku & Tanka Conversations, won the Sable Books 2019 International Women's Haiku Contest, and Haiku Canada's 2022 Marianne Bluger Chapbook Award. Debbie's haiku collection, Random Blue Sparks, was the winner of the 2020 Snapshot Press Book Award, and is forthcoming in 2023. Please visit her publications archive for further information at

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