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Image by Steve Johnson

Unruly Night

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I have lived an eternity.

Innumerable ships have sunk in

my eyes, drying my tears.

Fanciful clouds have faded into shapes,

unburdened by the pangs of time and love.

But, I have smothered my grief in the 

cruellest hands of the night, where

stars sing elegies to my deafened ears.


I swallow gasps of despair to 

suffice the hunger of my longing soul.

The tides of the sea which carry your smell, 

kisses my soul as I feel cold.

Through all the rugged paths I travel, I

see footprints of you nearing me 

Only in distance.

My sleep is your paradise,

You walk into my dreams ravishing my soul;

In the deadly night's communion,

I parch pastures grey with destitute.

Amidst the dark, when the vampires defy 

the rules of the land,

I dig memories that have long ago got rotten.

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Saranya Narayanan is a Post Graduate holder in English Language and Literature and she is a former teacher at a school in her native town of Trivandrum, Kerala and is presently working as Language Specialist in an online platform. She is a passionate educator who loves to teach English language using modernist approaches. She is fond of reading and writing poetry and believes poetry is a companion to a passionate and a desperate soul. 

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