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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Image by Ryan Parker

Torn apart
By Saranya Narayanan


The night has pulled out, piles

Of pearls from the storms of yesterday,

When the rain that lashed the city,

Generously untouched my backyard where

I buried your memories afresh.


The dry patch of land that feeds on you,

Is the fruit that I bore,

For the love we loved.

I loved you each creepy night,

Crawling day, and lovely evening;

Painting the sky with penumbras.

Suns have dried up in my eyes,

And the rains have conquered my tears.

The autumn,like a full moon, is coaxed to

Glow through my windows;

Where the roses I kept for you have already,

Died a million deaths.

Through the hazy windings of the

Desolate streets,

I listen to our memories reverberating in the

Wayside blooms; but

They droop within my virgin hands.

Image by Clark Young

Saranya Narayanan is a Post Graduate holder in English Language and Literature and she is a former teacher at a school in her native town of Trivandrum, Kerala and is presently working as Language Specialist in an online platform. She is a passionate educator who loves to teach English language using modernist approaches. She is fond of reading and writing poetry and believes poetry is a companion to a passionate and a desperate soul. 

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