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Image by Nick Kimel

Sunny Side Up

Fry me some eggs, sunny side up

with strips of sizzling bacon

in a cast iron pan rescued

from my grandmother’s kitchen.

Grind me some coffee beans,

not in some electric

whirring cloud of noise,

but in an old wooden box

like grandpa used to have.

Bake me some fluffy biscuits

from scratch, filled with loving air,

cut to perfection, served

with farm fresh butter,

harvested golden hive honey.

Sit with me on a spring morning

in your apron covered pastel dress,

speak to me of lilacs, kitchen gardens,

little children playing in the hay,

dog sleeping on the porch

on an idyllic summer morning.

Image by Aaron Burden

Peter A Witt is a Texas poet and a retired university Professor. He also writes family history with a book about his Aunt published by the Texas A & M Press. His poetry has been published on various sites including Verse-Virtual, Indian Periodical, Fleas on the dog, Inspired,  Open Skies Quarterly, Active Muse, New Verse News and Wry Times. "My poetry may be serious, whimsical or a combination of both,' says Peter.

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