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Image by Nikhita Singhal

My Periwinkle Flower

My periwinkle flower,

Bloomed sweetly in sun or shade,

Laced mettle in her soil, to build her palisade,


My periwinkle flower,

Lost brethren to foreign plains,

Beset by cruelty, grew roots in lands untamed, 


My periwinkle flower,

Lush tendrils bound by chain,

Bore spiritual fruit of hope, gifts passed to mortal kin,


My periwinkle flower,

Blossomed duly in storm or rain,

Longed so deeply for home, to stem the hurt and shame, 


My periwinkle flower, 

Labored through toil and strain,

Birthed resilience, existence through immeasurable pain, 


My periwinkle mother,

Liberation in earthly frame,

Beloved dearly are you, for all you overcame.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski

Oldine Joseph is a poet who loves penning verse in his free time.

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