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Image by Jim Witkowski

Serial Killers

After a day of stifling heat
the kind that sucks your body dry
Makes your mind go flat
Dries clothes stiff in two straight hours
Turns your eyes all blurry and red
without even the excuse of grief.
When every pore of the body
turns sticky and itchy
and even serial killers on screen
cannot make you sit still.

After all that long-drawn torture
of the sweltering day
it rained for precisely
five minutes at 6:15 pm.

Yellow light streams in
the ripening leaves ripple
the earth breaths calm.

The scent of wet earth
tickles the palms of trees
as the sky turns ghostly white.

Then all is forgiven
Till the next kill.

Student Paper Writing

Navaneetha Mokkil teaches at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Her research and teaching are on cultural forms, gender and sexuality. She is also fascinated by the forms of film and poetry.

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