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Poet of The Month: Mykyta Ryzhykh

Image by Dominik Sostmann

Songs of Lorelai & Other Poems


Will die inside of me during the annual meeting with the snow

The boy inside me will die in time

The boy will die when his nails become screams

Peppa Pig climbs into the Christmas oven

Sexually burning fires of anti-missile launcher

We swim to land to drown

The lizards of minutes scatter

One perspective is expectation

God’s assistant pressed the wrong button

The tree temple grew in the wrong place

The boy sits under the tree temple and collects pieces of greenery

Drowned stones are silent in the language of air

Red redery green greenery

Greenery mimics in khaki

My love wears a sweater of roses instead of a body

In the mimicry of stone the river trembles

The boy will die inside the phallus of the rectum of the rifle

The stars will be witnesses in the court of the past tense

Here is the wing hold it and fly

What did I do while nuclear plants grew like mushrooms

Probably scolded the daughter beat the cat

Dragged a piece of halva

Filled the chambers with gas

And did not notice how my daughter turned into

In the Virgin Mary

And I don’t know how to deal with her now

diaphragms of misfortune

torn tongue bites the tongue

the word touches a deaf ear


a man stands by the old cemetery

and does not know what to say

small lights

in the eyes 

of the pupils 

and in the sky

its a birthday when 

we flew like birds into the world 

of fireworks and colors

this is the day when we stopped

being birds and became earthly people

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Mykyta Ryzhykh is a poet from Ukraine. The poet’s poems have been published in magazines and on the portals Soloneba, Littsentr, in the Ukrainian Literary Gazette, Bukovynsky Journal, in Stone Poetry Journal (USA), Tipton Poetry Journal (USA), divot poetry journal (USA), Alternate Route (07/2022, USA), dyst journal (USA), Better Than Starbucks Poetry & Fiction Journal (USA), Allegro Poetry Magazine (USA), Littoral Press (UK).

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