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Image by Noah Silliman

The temperature of a loner
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There once was a boy who danced with shadows.
Covered in frost and puncture wounds from life's arrows.

A stoic face still like glass.
A broken heart that holds onto the past.

Family pictures are all a lie.
Freedom dwells in saying goodbye.

In his own world that is below freezing.
No reaction on the outside, but inside, he's screaming.

Walls of ice keep emotions from entering the melting pot of love.
The soul is home to monsters that fight, push, and shove.

He wants to pick up the pieces, but his hands are frostbitten.
Trying to rewrite a story that was never written.

A winter wonderland that traps him in its circus.
Tears stuck in time, never falling with a purpose.

Even a snowman wonders what's outside the igloo.
Enough loving warmth will melt his frozen tissue.

A new season is on the horizon.
The ice melts away with a desire to enlighten.

The song ends, and the shadows disappear.
Which leaves behind a new fear.

How to be human outside the arctic?
Was he dancing or just being robotic?

The numbness has subsided from the new heat of passion.
We all have the choice to write a new beginning of actions.

The temperature of a loner can change.
When winter tells its story again, he will be on a new page.

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