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Limited Edition Replay

Advait Nadavdekar

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Life of Bal Gangadhar Tilak
   Acrylic on canvas 3' X 4'

Advait nadavdekar.png

    Loving Granny
Oil on canvas 18' X 24"

Advait Nadavdekar.png
Artist Speak

I would like to say that, one should be honest to his art. It is said that 'Art is a mirror, it reflects you.' Believing in oneself is very important. One should present or project oneself through one's artworks. I would like to share a quote which I get to hear from my parents, which goes like, 'There is always room on the top.' Always compete with yourself, and aim to become better than what you are today.

(An extract from Ochre Edition (July 2022 of The Wise Owl)

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