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Drops of Light
By Lakshmi Iyer & Sushama Kapur
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morning star
in the dawn light
another nose ring-


opening the gift
a sparkle in her eyes


autumn breeze
the jewel box locked
for years                     


crystal decorations
the silver wrapping


with the year ending
Christmas lights      


through chinks in shutters
  the glow

Image by Thought Catalog

Sushama Kapur,  an English language trainer, lives in Maharashtra, (West) India. Haiku, rengay and other Japanese forms of writing have always fascinated her but she began to seriously explore them only a few years ago. Being a part of Triveni Haikai India helped a lot and she soon began writing her own poems as well as collaborating with other poets for rengay, split haiku, tan-renga, etc. In the past few years, she has had her work featured in several well known online journals and on websites. In particular, a couple of her rengay collaborations have appeared in Failed Haiku and tandem. She looks forward to learning more in the years ahead.

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