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Image by Forja2 Mx

Learn to stop Singing

One day you forget the camera in your throat and pick up handful of lines.

You map the softness of fire.

all the nerves and cells

Trying to catch a sedating tune

you feel like folding your voice and tucking in a fruit platter.

You remember laryngologist’s words

“speak only if it is very much necessary”.

You need no clock

You know when an hour walks into your glass of neglected water.


water toned voice.

You make a censorship on listening

not to listen leaves, not to listen twinkling

anything that urges singing.

You simply gaze

at the unblinking microphone.

You will never stop

you come to know



Image by Ilya Pavlov

Jyothsna’s poems have previously appeared in The Hopper, Quail Bell, Shotglass and others. Her first poetry collection Ceramic Evening was out in 2016. Currently she is teaching English Literature at ARSD College (University of Delhi), India. she blogs at

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