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Growing Darkness
By John Thompson & Jackie Maugh Robinson

autumn grasshopper

perfectly camouflaged

but for its shadow


with sundown goes

all colors of day


falling leaves—

the way one stands out

from the rest


sugar maple sweetness

drip by drip by bucketfuls

early frost


late ripened berries

worth a few scratches


last campfire

before the snows—

a bright Dog Star sets

Image by Amelia Bartlett

John Thompson is a renowned rengay poet .John collaborated on the first published chapbook of rengay, Hammerhorn Lake, with Garry Gay and Michael Dylan Welch in 1995. In 2008 John published another rengay book, The Unlocked Gate with Garry Gay. Although John has had many rengay published, publication is not the major reason he writes rengay.  Over the past three decades John has written hundreds of rengay with haiku writers around the globe.  John is most grateful for the poetic dialogues and relationships that naturally arose from rengay’s collaborative writing process.  

Jackie Maugh Robinson is a renowned poet of the various Japanese genres. He loves to write in genres like haiku, tanka and rengay.

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