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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Image by Christian Weiss

Falling Asleep
By Joan McNerney


Curling into a question mark

eyes shuttered

lips pursed

hands empty.


Dropping through

long dusty shafts

down into dank cellars.

Leaving behind faded day.


That last cup of sunlight

pouring from fingertips.

Lulled by rattling trains,

sighs of motors.


Bringing nothing but

memory into night.

Now I will untie knots

tear off wrappings, opening

wide bundles of dreams.

Image by Sumit Saharkar

Joan McNerney has recited her work at the National Arts Club, New York City, State University of New York, Oneonta, McNay Art Institute, San Antonio and the University of Houston, Texas and other distinguished venues. Published worldwide in over thirty five countries. her work has appeared in literary publications too numerous to mention. Four Best of the Net nominations have been awarded to her. The Muse in Miniature, Love Poems for Michael and At Work are available on and A new release entitled Light & Shadow explores both before and after-math of the recent historic COVID pandemic.

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