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Image by Charles Postiaux

Shadows of Yesterday

Winter solstice swathed the village realm, 

yet poinsettia’s leaves perfectly bolster its red zenith. 

Four sparrow herds in a bizarre sycamore tree. 

The eldest has powerful wings to fend his three siblings in peril. 

In the kaleidoscope glares of lights and the eclectic sounds,

they steer the fierce wind of the night. 

One soars to the North and the others to the South, to the West, and the East. 

It seems they possess the entire route. 

They look for prey to feed on their bereft paunch and a perch where they could dwell. 

The night is unduly tardy and the mist is so frigid. 

Birds sing for triumph as the eldest catch a glimpse of prey.

He unfurls his wings and begins to dance to the rhythm. 

Assuring that prey can discern the quietude of his soul. 

The scents of strawberries bestrew and its derivative can pacify the nodding muscles. 

The sparrow crops up and sings the saga of his dream, 

grasping the rips of emotions of each episode confide. 

The sparrows were relinquished and halted. 

With no laurel like an owl, they were snared in a cage. 

A twilight on their life’s voyage. 

They craved to be hauled from this cage that grabs their innocence. 

Fate fetches them to this anguished life which compels them to live with it. 

Every day their aspirations are ringing, 

before finally sealing their wings they can experience— flying in an affable harbor, living a decent life, eluding the shadows of yesterday, to be completely free!


Jayson Dela Fuente is an Assistant Professor at Northern Negros State college of Science & Technology, Philippines. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Polaris Global Journal of Scholarly Research & Trends and Founder/CEO of Polaris Global Research Organization Inc.

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