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Image by Fuu J

This American Factory

Work snips years

it abducts me

from living

and the drinks are heavy


in my liver

my tenuous body

if I could live

in a less-consumed way


with the grass

not overgrowing

my head

in the mountains

with a beach-blue


and while I’m


I want a bug force

field to keep

the pests away

I want to glide

over the landscape

a less-ambitious Magneto

breathing in

high-altitude sea breeze

until the stress is gone

and I deflate

into the ocean

though I don’t know

how to swim



even my daydreams

end with darkness

James croal Jackson1.png

James Croal Jackson is a Filipino-American poet who works in film production. He has three chapbooks: Count Seeds With Me (Ethel Zine & Micro-Press, 2022), Our Past Leaves (Kelsay Books, 2021), and The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights, 2017). He edits The Mantle Poetry from Pittsburgh, PA. (

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