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Image by Anastasia Zhenina

Not Enough Time (Ghazal)

I remember as a child, her and I baking with an easy-bake oven,

Having our quality time.


I remember her and I going to the mall quite often,

Enjoying our shopping time.


Playing cards or dominos while having wine coolers,

Or Miller time.


Trying to tell her I was working as a stripper,

But it always seemed the wrong time.


And calculating the three-hour difference when I was in CA,

And she was on Eastern time.


Or watching Wheel of Fortune on TV,

Trying to figure out Rhyme Time.


Then she told me she was dying,

But it didn’t seem like the right time.


I guess some people have an awareness,

When it’s their time.


In her closet, a half-knitted sweater,

She didn’t have enough time.

Image by Debby Hudson

Deby Cedars was diagnosed with a mental illness.  She uses creative writing of both short stories and poetry as one of her many forms of therapy. She now lives a stable happy life with her husband in Florida, where she enjoys the many beaches and amusement parks.  Her work as been published in Writing in a Woman's Voice,, as well as Highland Park Poetry.  You may have seen her poems & short stories in various editions of The Wise Owl.

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