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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Image by Bill Williams

When her Wings Unfolded
By Debra S. Mascarenhas


When her wings unfolded
she fluttered them
she was excited
she knew she had gained her liberty;
and she gently lifted her wings
she flew far far away.

As she flew she felt
the wind on her face
and was ready to brace
any oncoming storm;
she faced them well
and flew higher and higher.

She did not turn back
but kept flying
further and further
higher and higher
she flew to where the eagles dared.

When her wings unfolded
she got her freedom.

Image by Nick Morrison

Debra S Mascarenhas is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and has been living in Dubai for almost  three decades. She is a widow and lives with her three children. She  graduated in Arts and majored in Literature. Writing comes to her naturally. She has two books ,published in the UK. namely Whispers from my Heart & Sail into the World of my poem. She also loves painting in acrylics and is passionate about cooking, gardening, writing, and photography.

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