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Anniversary Edition (November 2023)

Image by Skyler Gerald

Make it with You
By Chad Sokolovsky

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Thousands of tiny explosions

are happening under the hood

every second while I’m driving

obliviously listening to

the band Bread on the radio.


Although I don’t know why anyone

would name a band

after the chemistry of wheat,

water, and yeast or where

the inspiration came from.


Maybe it’s a philosophical metaphor

so deep that it is lost on me.

Maybe they were thinking of the dawn

of civilization when the Nile river delta

over-poured like a bucket left in the rain


and granaries sprouted up

to store the wheat

that would become a staple

allowing humanity to rise.

But I’m too distracted


by the couple jogging

down Telegraph Ave –

his shirtless perfect pecs

and her lavender sports bra

like a fistful of irises


that I almost sideswipe a bus.

I’m envious of the kind of drive

it takes to just spill out of your front door

onto the street and start running,

or to break from the gravitational pull


of the event horizon separating

what you want to be from what you are.

But I find out the band was simply stuck

in traffic behind a Wonder Bread truck

somewhere in Los Angeles.

Image by Yannick Pulver

Chad Sokolovsky’s first book of poetry, Prophecy Mechanic took first place in Quercus Review’s Annual Book Competition in 2016 and was included in Kirkus Reviews magazine’s top 100 Best Independent Books of 2018 as well as receiving a 5-star review from Seattle Book Review. Sokolovsky currently lives in Renton, WA and works in the Food Supply Chain industry.

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