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Abstract Texture

Why the Long Face ?
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          the swollen dreams turned the mouth into a cave
          twisted the paradigm to true—dripping with
          elixir. fool me once, you don’t know who
          I am. fool me by the slice—sequels, spinoffs, and
          runoffs board the train. keep clapping. keep
          laughing. the swift system works despite relapse

You get it?

          maybe you didn’t get it. the unruly nephew
          mashing keys strikes the right note. the train’s
          moving and you lost your ticket. your debut
          blows the doors wide open. fool me nice, tough
          but fair. fool me precisely—I hate everything
          about truth or dare. there’s no cover. buck it shut

Did you get that?

          a personal mother teresa—that’s all I know
          an exhibit where people have to buy tickets
          a port city like liverpool, full of booze and
          nuance. fool me to new heights—the piano’s
          not tuned and you won’t control that unruly
          nephew who bursts into the bedroom without
          a knock or a hello. this never happened

Writing in Notepad

Cat Dixon is the author of the poetry collection What Happens in Nebraska (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2022) along with six other chapbooks and collections. She is a poetry editor with The Good Life Review and an adjunct instructor at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Recent poems published in The Book of Matches, North of Oxford, hex, and The Southern Quill.

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