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Image by Peter Herrmann

By Ashok Gupta


A climb up the creaking stairs

to the eight by nine foot loft

bare but for a slanting shaft of light

with  dust particles dancing

and a plain chair in the corner

the plaster of the walls aged with cracks


We found this in the room

the guide girl said

 pointing to a bare spring bed

in the adjacent room.

It may have been the one

Van Gogh slept in

or she said

it may not have been.


Even the house

had changed shape

in many hands, she said

it has been restored using a picture

they had found .


Surreal tortured

lemon yellow and yellow ochre

lines float all around

as I walk down the stairs

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Ashok Gupta lives in Vadodara, India and earns his living through digital marketing and content writing. Ashok's poems have been published in e-zines like Paumanok Review,The Poetry Magazine, Wicked Alice, Liberty Grove Review, Slowtrains, Poetry Repair Shop, Wilmington Blues, Ken*again, Ink Magazine  and in print in Reflections and Times of India.

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