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Image by Murray Campbell

The Clock, the Kettle, and the Moon
By Allison Douglas-Tourner


The wall clock seems

preoccupied with counting

Its arms jerk mechanically

as if trying to lift off and fly


The eyeless kettle

turns its focus inward

and waits

Its mouth holds

an expression of

heated anticipation


Outside the curtainless window

the radiant moon

turns slightly away

and begins to deflate

tired of shining so long


Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Allison Douglas-Tourner dreamed of being a poet at the age of three but only started writing seriously about ten years ago.

Her poetry has been published in The Wise Owl, The Antigonish Review, Island Writers' Magazine, Tiferet Journal Anthology, and Pensive Journal, as well as numerous international haiku journals. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada where she draws inspiration from the magic of everyday moments.

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